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Can we have a .zip download?


Can we get the project file

вотета графон

why are my files not supported or broken? 😟

very nice bro loved it .


What are the requirements

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Whoa, a triple A third person shooter! I don't think anybody's computer can run this game at a high fps...

I think the gun shoots way too fast and the recoil is almost unbearable.

also why does it sound like you're walking on a smooth floor all the time. 


Please make it a complete's cool


Corona outbreak story, nice game good concept.


It was created by one person, cant believe mann


Graphics stile my ❤️


Well done sanchit!




Enter my FPS game jam if you want to compete against other games (if anyone else joins).

(Add first person)


Music was superb, i know its not yours but still it suited to the environment.


Nice concept I would say, keep it up! In this situation of total lockdown ....this seamed this could be the future.....I know it won't happen but still ....nice concept.


It lagged a lot on my system, seems too resource hungry, fix that.


Wait can use that drone using Caps was more fun using that drone.


A bit laggy here and there but it's okay as it's alpha build, worth a try.


The visuals are too good, enjoyed it. Hope the developer develops it further.

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why is the blood orange and not red lol


Thank you for playing it. Lighting work has to be redone which has made it orange. It is running far better in your system, which gpu you have?


1050Ti 4GB Gaming X.  with an SSD 

your shared video is set to private


I was uploading, can now see.